• The Educator: A Journal of the School of Education, Moi University

    • The Educator is an international open access peer reviewed online and print Journal housed in School of Education, Moi University – Kenya. It publishes high quality and original research and concept papers on a wide range of thematic areas that include curriculum and instruction; educational management, policy and reforms; educational psychology; educational foundations; comparative education; technology education; early childhood education; special needs education; educational guidance and counselling; competency-based education; contemporary and cross cutting themes in education. E-Mail:
    • Contacts: +254 721267611; +254 722447431
  • Mwanga wa Lugha

    Mwanga wa Lugha ni jarida la Idara ya Kiswahili na lugha nyingine za Kiafrika katika Chuo Kikuu cha Moi, Eldoret-Kenya. Jarida hili huchapisha makala za lugha, isimu na fasihi. Aidha, jarida hili huchapishwa mara mbili kwa mwaka, yaani Aprili na Septemba.

  • LIFT: The Journal of Literature and Performing Arts

    LIFT: Journal of Literature and Performing Arts is an open access journal published in open access format under the Creative Commons License by the Department of Literature, Linguistics, Foreign Languages and Film Studies, for maximum dissemination and use. It welcomes only original research that has not been submitted to any other journal. Contributions must be in English (or translated into English by the author before submission), and articles are subjected to a review process where the author and the reviewers remain anonymous, and only in special circumstances is the doctrine of anonymity not invoked.